Tips for Styling on a budget

Staged homes are always more appealing to potential purchasers, but what do you do when you simply cannot afford the cost to hire a professional home stylist?

At Platinum we can offer alternatives such as;

Partial Styling where we could utilise some of the vendors existing furniture to help reduce the cost. We will provide all the extras to complete the look.

Alternatively, if the home is empty we could stage just the living areas and perhaps the master bedroom to help cut costs.

A Styling Consultation where our stylist will go through the home and offer professional advice and suggestions on how to best present the home using what they have. We will provide ideas on where to source items to purchase and cost saving tips.

Our Top Styling tips on a budget

Bedrooms: Take down photos, clear bedside tables, swap any energy saving light globes. Add neutral linen on beds and add some nice cushions & a throw rug if budget allows. 

Kitchen: Clear all appliances from benches. Pasta in a clear glass jar is a nice touch, or a nice bottle of sparkling water with a couple of glasses to display. 

Dining: Cuttings from trees in the garden placed in a clear glass vase or jar looks great as a centerpiece on the dining table. You could also add a bottle of wine with a couple of wine glasses. 

Living: Pack away personal photos and remove clutter or items that do not serve a purpose. Add some nice cushions & throw to sofas if budget allows. Add some greenery using cuttings from the garden in a glass vase/jar, and a nice magazine on the coffee table.

Bathroom/ Laundry: Put all shower & vanity items in a storage tub and put them in the cupboard. Purchase a nice matching set of towels to hang and add a rolled up hand towel on the vanity along with another vase/jar of cuttings from the garden. Put any laundry away, Add a vase/jar with greenery from the garden. A glass jar with washing powder or neutral pegs also looks appealing.  

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